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Rasteder Musiktage 2020 canceled

Dear Musicbands,
Since Wednesday 15.04.2020 we have had the certainty from the Federal
Government that the Rasteder Musiktage in July 2020 may definitely not take place.
A postponement into the autumn is unfortunately not possible, especially since there
will be no guarantee that major events can take place again in the autumn. The
events are much too fast. Far too incomparable is the situation in which the world
finds itself. Here we are a comparatively small amusement wheel in the great system
of existence.
67 music bands, from six nations, have registered and hoped for a happy end to the
end. The many music bands have been rehearsing their new programme, their new
music, since last autumn. Since mid-March, however, there has been no opportunity
to rehearse together, and club life has come to a standstill.
Unfortunately, we would have to make considerable cutbacks if we were to postpone
the already uncertain autumn date. Smears that cannot be compensated for in the
short term.
The showbands will not get a show rehearsed anymore. This has already become
clear in many telephone calls.
In this sense we would like to organize only a music festival, as you are used to and
as our viewers know it. We would like to offer you everything you are used to on the
Music Days and not a slimmed down version. Quantitatively and qualitatively. The
entire range, and without sacrificing anything.
Due to the multitude of puzzle pieces (accommodation of the musicians in schools
and sports halls, catering, the provision of musical instruments, light and sound
equipment, etc.), which are necessary for a successful realization of the Music Days,
a postponement is an insoluble challenge. Especially if one wants to maintain the
usual standard. And this standard is your demand on us, as well as the demand on
And even if we know about your great tolerance and your courtesy, we don't want to
offer this emergency solution. If so, then already. That is our basic philosophy. "If we
do something, then right!"
We ask for your understanding
In conclusion, we would like to assure you that our hearts are bleeding just while we
are writing these lines. But we hope and count on your understanding that we have
made a decision in favour of quality. And we thank you for this in advance. Because
life is a rollercoaster.
With musical regards
Rasteder Musiktage e.V.